Suzanne Somers Talks About ‘Great New Breast’

Breast cancer Suzanne Somers has talked about her ‘great new breast’ after having stem cell breast augmentation therapy to reconstruct one of her breasts ravaged by cancer surgery.

“I thought they’d take a quarter’s worth,” she says. “But the whole bottom half of my breast was gone.”

For the surgery Aronowitz took stem cells from fat tissue in Somers’ midsection using liposuction and then used that to reconstruct the affected breast.

This whole thing is a win-win,” says Somers. “You lose fat and get a new breast.”

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Stem Cell Enriched Natural Breast Augmentation

A report from describes how stem cell enriched cosmetic therapies are increasing in number, with stem cell breast augmentation leading the way.  Stem Cell cosmetic treatments typically involve taking adipose fat cells from the patient, separating the stem cells from the other cells, and then injecting the stem cells into the desired area of the body.  Such procedures carry minimal chances of rejection by the body.

Patients generally report a natural feeling and are happy with the results. Dr. Millard’s partner, fellow Denver stem cellpioneer Dr. David Broadway says, “When using the patient’s own liquid fat for re-injecting back into the patient’s breasts I can place it precisely where I want it with more control. I can also direct it into normally difficult areas, for example, areas that may have had a depression, a scar, or asymmetry.”

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News Report on Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

An ABC15 news report on the pioneering use of stem cell treatments to enable natuarly breast growth and augmentation.  Stem cell breast augmentation is set to explode over the next few years due to its relative simplicity and safety combined with the demand from the cosmetic surgery market.  It is expected that it will pioneer and lead to many other stem cell treatments, both within and outside the field of cosmetic beauty treatments :

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Cosmetics Company Pioneering Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

CosmetiCare are a leading cosmetic surgery practice in Orange County, USA.  They are also one of the first surgeries to offer stem cell treatment as a form of natural breast augmentation.

Due to recent technological advances a groundbreaking discovery has been made in which harvested fat removed from a patients own body during liposuction is found to contain one stem cell per one hundred fat cells, making breast augmentation and enhancement without implants a safe and natural reality for many. The astonishing procedure begins with the liposuctioned fat entering a machine called the Celution System which causes these non embryonic stem cells to undergo an immediate proprietary enzyme purification just before the precipitated cells are centrifuged (separated) and then centrifuged again. Once the fat cells are separated from the stem and regenerative cells and concentrated into the form of a pellet they are then added back to some of the liposuctioned fat cells before they are precisely injected into the breasts of women looking to heal, enhance and rebuild breast tissue. This discovery is changing the lives of women seeking breast augmentations and breast enhancements without implants as well as cancer victims and survivors left with mutilated breasts caused by the radiation that follows a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Source :

It is expected that the multi-billion dollar breast augmentation industry will drive forward the adoption of stem cell treatments in both cosmetics and in the wider health sphere.  Stem cell breast augmentation has already proven to be perhaps the simplest and safest of any stem cell therapy treatment.

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Breast Augmentation to Lead Stem Cell Revolution

Breast augmentation is a billion dollar industry, and it now appears that the universal desire amongst women for bigger breasts is set to drive forward stem cell research and its commercial applications.

Stem Cell therapy appears to have limitless applications, from health to cosmetics.  But researchers have found that one of the easiest and already successfully tested applications is in breast augmentation.

Trials in breast growth (and re-growth in the case of breast cancer survivors recovering from mastectomies, lumpectomies and quadrantectomies) have been promising. Since the tissues induce the formation of blood vessels, the regenerative cells link the blood supply to the fat cells they’re traveling with, presenting a much lower risk of reabsorption than the injection of fat cells alone. In 2007, a cosmetic surgeon in Japan began a human study and reported that patients injected with the stem-cell-loaded fat solution grew an average of 4 centimeters in breast circumference while the tissue remained soft and natural.

If the San Diego-based biotech company Cytori Therapeutics that developed the centrifuge system gets FDA approval for clinical trials, they could find themselves at the forefront of the regenerative medical industry; but not before they tap in to the sizeable market of women willing to trade surplus fat elsewhere for a more shapely bustline

Source : In Japanese Study, Stem Cell Injections Shown to Provide Simple Route to Breast Augmentation

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